Milestone Two - Yak Shaving

Posted on October 1, 2016

I have just finished wrapping up milestone two. In terms of the code, it contained 3x the amount of changes than in the first milestone. Visually it doesn’t seem like a lot was done at all. It felt like I did a fair bit of ‘Yak Shaving’ Being solo it’s difficult to juggle the art requirements as well as code, which usually end up blocking each other. I enjoy the coding way more than the art, so I have enlisted some help in order to speed up that pipeline and enable me to focus on the part that I’m good at, or at least enjoy the most. This caused a little bit of a delay, so I got stuck into building a lot of the backend framework that would accomodate the art.

Summarising the completed tasks

The player now has a reputation which is positively impacted by completing orders and negatively impacted by refusing them. Financial transactions are handled on successful completion of orders. Items are loaded via a JSON file containing their name, description, value, difficulty and artwork. Music and sound effects have been added to bring a little more life to game.

What this builds upon

Some of the tasks above have the underlying code but have no visual representation in the game. In the next milestone I will be adding a HUD, crafting dialog with player inventories. The crafting side will use the new expertise and item difficulty to simulate the success or failure of creating a new item.

Hopefully I will have a few more visuals to show in the next update. You can follow progress on the games twitter account, where I post screenshots and other indie game related things. Also there is a mailing list signup below!