First Milestone Reached

Posted on September 16, 2016

It’s been two weeks since I wrote about the game I have been working on over the summer. Last week I completed my first pre-alpha milestone. With much of the core engine worked on over the summer, I have been able to focus solely on the gameplay mechanics. Over the last fortnight I have completed 23 trello tickets and now have a very basic run through of placing an order through to fulfilment.

On the surface this seems very basic but under-the-hood there is quite a bit going on. The engine is modeled around an Entity Component System, everything in the game is an entity (a struct containing a UID) which has components attached to it. Systems run every update loop, fetching entities containing the right set of components that the system needs. A rendering system gets all entities that have a position component and a sprite component, ignoring all other entities that don’t have those two components. I can make an object hidden by removing one of those components.

The ordering system works in the same way, various components representing the lifetime of an order are attached and removed depending on it’s current state. This causes animations to fire and various other behaviours. It’s coming together well and gives me a very flexible engine to work with when expanding the gameplay further.

Here is a slightly laggy gif from the end of Milestone 1:

The next milestone will start to flesh out the ordering process and fulfillment some more with reputation, expertise and receiving money for a completed order. I want to add some more items too, currently there is only one.

I would love any feedback on the above or any features you would like to see go into this game!